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Enigma: A person or thing that is mysterious or difficult to understand.

Enigma“. This is the name of the latest restaurant of the elBarri group to open. Headed up by Albert Adrià and with the Iglesias brothers by his side, it could be considered a natural evolution in the wake of elBulli but with its own personality, which seeks to offer diners a unique, unforgettable and of course, delicious experience.

To open the doors and enter the recently inaugurated Enigma (Barcelona) you have to enter a secret code sent to diners previously. Once inside, two and a half hours of constant discovery start. It is a laberinthine space of 700m2 with a design thought through down to the last detail and which evokes the concepts of liquid and solid (two textures reminiscent of some of the lines being worked on in elBulli). The route takes the diner through seven rooms with dishes that also relate to all those involved in the Enigma project, as well as their experiences and individuality.

The name of the project perfectly describes the materialisation thereof, not only because there are more than 40 surprises to discover but also because for Albert Adrià, Enigma is a completely free space for creation. In fact, the chef has transferred his workshop to Enigma, so the gastronomic creation will be greater and greater, more novel and different depending on the ingenuity and the chef’s impulses.

Enigma is an attractive concept in a connected society, where the ability to travel has allowed citizens to sample gastronomic creations and live all types of experience. As a result, novelty is a result that’s difficult to achieve and at the same time, something society finds attractive. Despite the fact that the challenge of Enigma promises to be difficult, Albert Adrià is convinced by and excited about the restaurant “of his dreams” as he himself puts it.

Image’s source: Facebook Enigma (RCR Arquitectes)

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