Chateau Versaillles - Alain Ducasse - Athenee - Ore - JardinVersailles, France’s most iconic palace, is to serve food once again; not for a King and his court this time but rather for anyone who wants. The person responsible for this new space baptised “Ore” (located on the 1st floor of the Dufour pavilion) will be chef Alain Ducasse, who will open a modern, contemporary café surrounded by baroque décor faithful to the style of the period.

 A space for the art de vivre and the bons vivants

The Dufour pavilion has recently been refurbished and adapted to celebrate the “art of French-style living”, i.e., enjoying the pleasures of life and being a bon vivant. In this case, the pleasure is focussed on gastronomy and the luxury provided by the palace itself. In fact, the name “Ore” is a clear allusion to gustatory pleasure, since ore means “mouth” in Latin and “the King’s mouth” was the expression used at the time of Louis the 14th  when referring to the preparation of royal meals. “Ore” café will be a space for visitors to take a break and taste Ducasse’s creations surrounded by majestic splendour and overlooking the royal patio. According to Ducasse himself “Versailles is a dream that fascinates and inspires. It’s a privilege to be able to make a contribution to the Palace’s contemporary history”. “Ore”s goal is, amongst others, to show the world the French “art of living” and demonstrate the exquisiteness of French cuisine.

Alain Ducasse and the Versailles vegetable garden

The Versailles café joins the 24 restaurants Alain Ducasse has spread throughout the world. We should mention that Ducasse already had a connection with Versailles before he was awarded the “Ore” space. He gets the raw ingredients for the cuisine of his restaurant in the Plaza Athénée Hotel from the palace’s vegetable garden which he will now also use for the Versailles café.

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