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At the end of September 2017, Alain Ducasse will open a second version of the famous restaurant Spoon, called Spoon 2, in Paris. Those who knew Spoon and want to enjoy the experience of eating there again will soon be able to, and those who didn’t try it then will now have the opportunity to do so.

What is the restaurant Spoon belonging to Alain Ducasse?

By the end of the 90s, Alain Ducasse had realised that there was a sector of the consumer public that was being overlooked, a niche in the market that wanted something diverse, fresh and different, where the set menu was not completely set in stone and the diner had the power to choose, and which allowed them to taste dishes from all over the world in a single meal with gastronomic consistency. This is the idea behind the “Spoon” concept and the restaurant in Paris.

As everyone knows, travelling increases gastronomic resources and helps chefs to be more creative, and Ducasse is a chef who has travelled a lot. This enabled him to create Spoon, a restaurant with dishes from all over the world but which were not too complicated and where the diner would choose any of the sauces and garnishes of the dishes. He also offered the possibility of a surprise menu, ideal for those looking for new sensations.

The warm receipt of this type of restaurant encouraged Ducasse himself to open others in other cities, like Hong Kong for example, a strategic city for gastronomy, and publish a book in 2003 entitled “Spoon: Food & Wine“, where he explains more than 200 recipes that he served in Spoon, and which doubtless inspired many chefs to replicate his philosophy.

Spoon Paris closed its doors some years ago, and that’s why he is now due to open its successor, Spoon 2, also in Paris, at the end of September 2017. The second one, in Hong Kong, also closed to make room for Alain Ducasse’s other restaurant serving French seafood cuisine, which also exists in Paris named Rech.


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