Imagine a dish to serve petit fours after a meal, or selections and small tasters at a wedding or other event where people are eating standing up. The first image that comes to mind is one of trays laden with spoons and little glasses, or small plates in all different shapes and materials, like slate or glass. This range of solutions now includes a unique new item from Pordamsa called Apiari. Why this name? Because its geometry is reminiscent of a honeycomb: a rectangular porcelain plate with holes in the middle. In the same way that the holes of a honeycomb are filled with honey, so the holes in this plate can be filled with culinary elements: fruit, chocolate, sauces of all colours, vegetables, seafood or any other type of food the chef wants to experiment with. And this is precisely what’s so great about this crockery, it leaves room for the chef’s imagination.

Apiari by Pordamsa

The Apiari is white in colour, with a glossy or matt finish. By itself, this piece is eye-catching and brings a touch of elegance to the table or dinner service but once full, the visual effect and the contrast between the white porcelain and the colours of the food that are served on it is spectacular. This is one reason why this crockery stands out from the usual options when it comes to the presentation of a dish. Customers are pleasantly surprised, the chef has a new tool to play with and it’s also practical because it’s hard-wearing and easy to stack…an important feature when catering for a large number of people. The Apiari allows a professional, stylish presentation with a distinctive touch.  It’s a quality, practical item that customers remember and professionals appreciate.

Pordamsa’s Apiari by Restaurant Casamar

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