Getting a Michelin star is something not just anyone can achieve, it depends on various different factors: perfect synchronisation with the whole team, diligence and excellence in the execution of all tasks, a good environment, talent and a little bit of luck.

The elements mentioned above do not include age since, as we will see below, it is not a necessary condition to receive a Michelin star, although obviously experience helps to perfect all the factors. One clear example is Aiden Byrne, who earned his first Michelin star in 1994 (at 22 years of age) while he was running the kitchen of the The Commons Restaurants  (Dublin), or Jordi Cruz, who received his first Michelin star in 2004 (at 26 years of age) in the kitchen of the restaurant Estany Clar (Barcelona).

Marco Pierre White, the youngest chef to get 3 Michelin stars

Even getting three stars is within the reach of young chefs. Chef Marco Pierre White, of the London restaurant London Steakhouse (London/Chelsea) was the youngest chef to receive three Michelin stars. The first was in 1987, when he was 26, in the restaurant Harvey’s (London) which he himself opened; the second came a year later and the third was in 1995, when he was 33 years old, in his restaurant The Marco Pierre White Restaurant (to which he had transferred his previous stars).

Rodolphe Pottier, a recent example

There are currently many promising young chefs who are also getting Michelin stars before turning 30. This is the case with Rodolphe Pottier, who received his first star in 2017 (at 25 years of age) in his own restaurant called Rodolphe (Rouen), specialising in French cuisine, just a year and a half after he opened it.

Image’s source: Interview Rodolphe Pottier Guide Michelin 2017 from Croissant Production on Vimeo.

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