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Jordi Roca’s new book’s cover, source: Planeta Libros

Jordi Roca’s chocolate establishment-hotel will soon be a reality. The youngest Roca brother’s new project to create a “chocolate factory” in the centre of Girona is set to open during 2019.

In the meantime, to spread the word, Jordi Roca has published “Casa Cacao”, a book where he narrates his experience during his research and study of cocoa. Roca travelled to countries like Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Mexico where he met communities native to the Amazon rainforest and small producers. The pastry chef of El Celler de Can Roca had two objectives which are reflected in the book summing up his experience: on the one hand, he wanted to expand his knowledge of chocolate whilst on the other, he was experimenting and is now telling us the human stories hidden behind this sweet treasure so revered in gastronomy. The book also contains recipes such as for example the evolution of his classic desserts “Anarkia” to “Chocolate anarkia”, as well as savoury cuisine that includes chocolate.

Jordi Roca has gone a step further when it comes to enjoying the pleasure of chocolate and, drawing a comparison with wine, goes beyond the classic distinction (dark, milk or white) to the appreciation of other values of chocolate such as for example, the roasting, the cocoa paste, etc. In the specific case of the Casa Cacao establishment, Roca also wants there to be recognition of the people behind chocolate. That’s why fair trade is one of the founding principles of the new business, as well as the dignifying of the farmers and producers at the source, making them visible on packaging for example, providing information on the origin of each product.

The trips are a mechanism for transformation and the “Casa Cacao” book delightfully explains all of Jordi Roca’s experience throughout this journey of change. Written by himself together with journalist Ignacio Medina, it’s the perfect appetiser before the opening of Casa Cacao, essential for chocolate lovers.

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