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Concern amongst the gastronomic community is constantly growing. Here are some examples of chefs and other big names who are committed to change.


Alex Atala doesn’t believe that all chefs have to be activists, just those who want and are able to. Atala focuses on Brazil where he has created FRU.TO, a dialogue space in which to debate how to provide food in the future.


René Redzepi has been holding MAD for years where the challenges of feeding the world are also discussed through conferences and symposiums.


Carlo Petrini is the founder of the “Slow Food” movement, for which he recently received recognition. “Slow Food” promotes the non-disappearance of gastronomic traditions, the fight against society’s accelerated pace and communication on nutrition and responsible consumption.

In Italy we also find Massimo Bottura and his “Refettorio Ambrosiano” project, which cooks meals using food products that would otherwise be thrown away.


Around a year ago, Leonor Espinosa won the Basque Culinary World Prize with the FUNLEO project, the goal of which is to reclaime the knowledge of indigenous and afro-colombian people in Colombia on the subject of gastronomy and biodiversity.


Another winner of the Basque Culinary World Prize a couple of years ago was chef Maria Fernanda Di Giacobbe with her “Cacao de Origen” project, the goal of which is to educate and help in the entrepreneurship and development of the production communities of Venezuela, specifically with women.


Michel Bras devotes part of his time to the improvement of the diets of the elderly in residential homes with the “Mixons moins, mangez meilleur” project, which seeks the creation of meals adapted to the needs of the elderly, where the gastronomic perspective often disappears.

The list is a lot longer, and in fact there is no right nor unanimous answer to how to face the future of feeding the world. What we do seem to be able to do is carry out small projects to improve our immediate environment and promote spaces for dialogue, because it is by thinking and doing that great things are achieved.


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