Garima Arora 50 Best

Asia’s best female chef according to the World’s 50 Best Restaurants is Garima Arora, of Indian origin. At just 32, she’s a chef with a high level of gastronomic training and a clear idea of how she wants her cuisine to be.

Arora heads up the team of the restaurant Gaa in Bangkok. Her cuisine can be defined as non-Thai and non-Indian, in the sense that these culinary traditions are not explicitly included but are at the same time still present.

Values and vision: both Indian and feminine

Garima Arora is firm in her belief that chefs have a duty to promote the gastronomic traditions and knowledge of each culture. Arora, with Indian roots, believes the world should know more about India than just chicken tikka massala and curry.

Apart from her gastronomic vision, the chef is convinced that Indian women still have very little visibility. One example of this is that she is the only Indian chef with a Michelin star. Garima Arora works with the Rajasthani Mahila Mandal association and believes that one way of empowering women is through education and financial independence.

High level of training

Arora received her training at Le Cordon Bleu (Paris, 2010), has worked at the restaurant Verre by Gordon Ramsay in Dubai and was René Redzepi’s right hand at the Noma, amongst other noteworthy work experience.

As you can see, her training has been extensive, and amongst the best. All this experience has enabled Garima Arora to skilfully apply the specific techniques of Indian cuisine, which have to do with umami, fermentation, fat as a flavour transformer, cooking with fire, eating with your hands, etc.

Garima is not only convinced that the Indian technique has all the necessary potential to be as broad and varied as French cuisine but is already putting this into practice.


Picture’s source: Asia’s World’s 50 Best Restaurant

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