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René Redzepi, co-owner and chef of the restaurant Noma, especially known for having the world’s best restaurant in 2010 and one Michelin star, is now to open the Gastro-Akademi in Copenhagen together with the organization MAD (organization created by the chef as a meeting point for chefs to talk about the future of food), with the goal of training well-informed, collaborative chefs conscious of the planet’s problems.

Gastro Akademi, a human, conscious approach

The organisation created by Redzepi (MAD) is planning one of the most ambitious projects in the gastronomy professional training sector. Its goal is to create a research and training centre, open to students from all over the world and focussing on teaching a more responsible, sustainable, human approach.

The academy is committed to the “sentimental education” of chefs, beyond gastronomic experimentation, which will of course be another fundamental pillar of the academy. The chefs will have to face human, social and race issues and consider matters like climate change, the fight to reduce waste, food quality, the human repercussions of consuming these foods, etc.

The expected result is the creation of a vibrant place where students from all over the world share their knowledge, learn from conferences and group activities and collaborate with other people who want to make the world a better place for food and the people who prepare it.

The Prime Minister of Denmark, Lars Løkke Rasmussen, and the Danish Minister of Food and the Environment, Jakob Elllemann-Jensen, have declared that they will support MAD in the creation of the academy and have committed to the investment of 3.8 million dollars over the next four years.

At the moment, MAD is planning and designing the academy and its study courses. It is expected to start two intensive pilot courses at the end of this year.

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