…for showing the world the art of gastronomy. On the 3rd of May, Mey Hofmann, a teacher and a cuisine and pastry-making idol, left us. This is a loss that is felt deeply by the world of gastronomy, as Hofmann is one of the people who helped to understand gastronomy as it is today: passion for exquisiteness, good taste (also from an aesthetic point of view), the desire to understand and the courage to share this.

Mey Hofmann - Escuela Hofmann - La Seca - Restaurante Terraza BarcelonA


Her passion for cooking was there from a young age, alongside her studies, and surfaced fully in 1983 when she decided to open her own school. Since then, thousands of students and illustrious chefs have passed through the establishments of the Hofmann house. In 2004, the Hofmann restaurant received a Michelin star and throughout her life, she received widespread international recognition from various chefs who credit Mey Hofmann with being one of the pioneers of cutting edge cuisine and place women in the culinary and the teaching world.

Where it all started: the school and the teaching

Mey Hofmann combined her higher education (economic science, interior architecture, gemmology and jewellery design) with gastronomic studies in the best cooking schools in Europe such as Cordon Bleu and Lenôtre. This allowed her to acquire in-depth knowledge of gastronomy, leading her to open the Hofmann school which is still offering courses to this day with the goal of “creating and recreating dishes which maintain all the essence, flavour and aroma of the raw materials, and bring back apparently modest food products dismissed by current trends to give them back the importance they never should have lost”.

Mey Hofmann’s career shows us the power of her academic training and her business vision. Apart from the school, Mey Hofmann opened the restaurant, the cake shop, the space in la Seca (close to a theatre in Barcelona) the Taverna Hofmann, the Bistrot Hofmann and finally the Racó Hofmann. But Mey’s legacy is really the philosophy behind these establishments. For all this, we thank you Mey.

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