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One of the world of gastronomy’s most cherished figures is, without a doubt, chef Joël Robuchon, who unfortunately left us on the 6th of August, 2018.

Everybody dies, but this man’s memory and work will live on. All the work and knowledge Joël Robuchon carried out throughout his life are an immense inheritance.

The chef in the black jacket whose work was meticulous

When Joël Robuchon was little, nobody would have thought he would end up as one of the world’s most influential chefs. In fact, his first choice of career was to become a priest. He entered the seminary at just 12 years of age but it was in the nuns’ kitchen that he discovered that cooking was his true calling. So he decided to don a black jacket instead of a black robe.

He could be described as a diligent, meticulous, disciplined professional. A chef who sought perfection in all his dishes, from a “simple” mash to the most sophisticated recipes.

Worldwide success and recognition

A job well done has its rewards, and Joël Robuchon is the chef with the most Michelin stars of all time. A fact that has led him to be considered the most important chef of the century and member of the French Legion of Honour.

Joël Robuchon was an honest man who, far from doing what was expected of him, has always maintained his integrity. That’s why when he was asked who his successor was, he didn’t hesitate to name Ferran Adrià rather than any French chef.

The global, and especially the French, gastronomy community is still feeling the loss of another distinguished prestigious chef: Paul Bocuse, who passed away on the 20th of January.


Image’s source: Facebook Official Page Joël Robuchon

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