rene redzepi MAD5MAD5, the 5th edition of the symposiums organised by MAD, the non-profit Danish organisation founded by Danish chef Réne Redzepi (Noma) in 2011, took place on the 28th and 29th of August. This year, the series of conferences was devoted to reflecting on what “tomorrow’s cuisine” will be like, with the pertinent question being “and what can we do today?”.

MAD5 included more than 100 events and conferences and, additionally, it was decided that this edition would be more participative, whereby attendees could also give their opinion, cutting the list of invitees from 1,500 to 350 from 43 countries. One of the conclusions they came to was that tomorrow’s cuisine would have nothing to do with the food but rather the people behind such. Amongst the speakers was Carlo Petrini, who spoke of the importance of replacing consumption with co-production. Also José Andrés, who stated that you should give people what you would like to receive. The symposium included talk of injustice, new ideas and the current times, putting special emphasis on the physical and mental health of chefs. Chefs such as Ferran Adrià, Massimo Bottura, Adoni Aduriz, Alex Atala, Alain Ducasse and David Chang participated in some of the other editions.

“Mad” means “food” in Danish. MAD is a non-profit organisation that works to expand knowledge of food products to improve each meal. And not only in restaurants but rather every meal cooked and served. Apart from holding the MAD Symposium, Redzepi’s group also organises MAD Mondays (one day round tables held twice a year), MAD SYD (an event that took place in Sydney) and the MAD Institute at Yale University, an annual course which is to start in 2016 and which will discuss the role of chefs in society and work to educate them from a perspective of sustainability, inclusion, respect and gastronomic culture.

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