Slow food was invented in the City of Bra (Italy) as an enogastronomic association based on wine and food. Its founder, Carlo Petrini, had a visionary idea: to promote the pleasure of eating and reclaim an unhurried way of life as opposed to the frenetic pace that was taking over everything, including the dining table. 30 years later, and with more than 150 affiliated countries, the slow food movement is setting its sights higher and taking an interest in people’s quality of life in general and the survival of the planet.


Restaurants with a “go local” philosophy

This is what the restaurants -classed as Slow Food- which are governed by strict sustainability and supply requirements in terms of the selection of raw materials, call themselves. They all have a close relationship with local producers with a view to stimulating agriculture and local production. The Slow Food Go Local family continues to grow year after year and has the support of chefs with Michelin Stars, as is the case of Víctor Quintillà of the Lluerna (Barcelona) and Quim Caselles, chef of the Casamar in Llafranc.

Massimo Botura - Osteria Francescana - Slowfood

‘Camouflage after’ by Massimo Bottura (Osteria Francescana) – Photo by Tiziana Colombo

The new generation of enogastronomy chefs -keen to defend biodiversity- are conscious that their decisions on the subject of food have a direct effect on the market. They are aware that the choice of their new menu will aim to delight the palate, but will also have an impact on their environment. A prime example of this philosophy is chef Massimo Bottura, (Osteria Francescana), who occupies the third spot amongst the world’s 50 top restaurants in 2015, and is also known for his work in bringing local produce and the Slow movement to the population. In the words of the Italian chef, “in the future chefs will be coming into the kitchen with their hands covered in earth and recently collected fresh milk (…) who, without nostalgia, will interpret the past to improve the future. Maybe we need to first go back to progress in the right direction.

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