Alain Senderens

On Sunday the 2nd of June, chef Alain Senderens passed away at 77 years of age, leaving behind him a permanent legacy that revolutionised the world of gastronomy.

The incorporation of wine into meals

Alain Senderens was in himself the perfect combination: he understood both cuisine and wine. Senderens was the first person to introduce wine whilst tasting a dish. He chose a specific wine for each dish -and the other way round-, and thus wine ceased to be just a drink and became part of the items on a menu.

Alain Senderens

Rejection of Michelin stars

Senderens started his career in 1968 when he opened the restaurant Archestrate in Paris, which later went on to obtain three Michelin stars. In 1985 he was the chef of the restaurant Lucas Carton, also in Paris, where he worked for 30 years. In 2005 he renounced the stars and renamed the restaurant calling it “Alain Senderens”. This decision was the result of a desire to offer different cuisine without the pressure and formalities required by Michelin.

An chef ahead of his time

Apart from being passionate about cuisine and wine, Alain Senderens was also passionate about literature. It was this pairing of reading with gastronomy that led him to recover a recipe from Roman times and create a modern version, more in the line of nouvelle cuisine. In fact, Senderens was one of the first promoters of nouvelle cuisine. One example of his avant-garde and genius in conceptualising and creating dishes is one of his famous dishes: steamed foie-gras served on a cabbage leaf, a brilliant interpretation of dumplings. Senderens was interested in Asian and Thai food before globalisation brought them to Europe.

The world of gastronomy and wine will always be grateful to him for his contributions. He was and continues to be a source of inspiration for many professionals.

Alain Senderens’ picture source: Wikipedia

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