In the year 2011, the internet began a silent revolution marked by the creation of new domains that are moving away from the classic .com with more than 1,300 names added in cyberspace this year so far, with extensions including domains like .app, .lawyer and .yoga and which now also include a whole range of domains related to the gastronomy industry.

Restaurant owners, cuisine bloggers, cafes, gastrobars, wine producers, etc. now have the most appropriate suffixes to specify their domain in more detail. The most used to date are those ending in .Coffee, .Kitchen, .Pizza, .Recipes, .Catering, .Wine, .Beer, .Menu and .Organic. Surprisingly, one of the domains that is still not available is the most generic one, .Food.

Food and Drink Internet domains

The value of these domains is clear in that they allow you to recognise the product or sector of a business straight away, whatever the brand name. Beyond recognition on the part of possible visitors, we’re also talking about recognition on the part of internet search engines (SEO), which give more relevance to words that coincide with the domain name in their search for a density of keywords on a website.

Techno talk aside, in Italy there’s the case of the Prosecco wine consortium, with visibility on an international level, which recently registered a domain called .Bio as a brand strategy to reinforce its association with the concept of organic production. As regards France, the domains .Vin and .Wine have been used as symbols of authenticity and international recognition for its producers. It’s still early days to know what the future of these domains will be but they have been positively received and many have already started to benefit from the value of the opportunities offered.

*Photo source: Flickr – Lamidea

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