San Sebastian Gastronomica Verdura Carne 2016San Sebastian Gastronomika 2016 combined meat and vegetables to perfection, resulting in an eminently omnivorous and multicultural congress as for the first time, six countries were invited from the five continents to explain their gastronomic culture.

Vegetarian cuisine co-starred alongside meat dishes

The frontrunners in vegetarian cuisine played an important role in San Sebastian Gastronomika: Rodrigo de la Calle explained the concept of GastrobotanicsJoaquim Coll and Toni Romero said that they offer dishes where the meat is not chewed but is rather found diluted in broths in very small quantities. Xavier Pellicer spoke of the importance of biodynamics and allergens. Mario Sandoval, the “food archaeologist“, gave a speech on probiotics, fermentation and making the most of ham. Australian Jock Zonfrillo explained that he uses local herbs for his dishes, and the Brazilian chefs called for the protection of the Amazon. At the same time, while the “green” conferences were going on, the classic “national barbecue competition” and speeches on the txuleta (pork chop) took place, the event being wholly omnivorous.

Multicultural gastronomy

This year, for the first time, six countries were invited to explain their gastronomic culture. Gabriella Mészáros (sommelier), Szabina Szulló and Tamás SzellEszter PalágyiZoltán HamvasLászlo Mihályi and Lajos Biró were invited from Hungary. Representing Australia were Peter Glimore and Jock Zonfrillo. The voice of Japan was heard through Hideki MatsushisaShinobu Namae and Yoshihiro Narisawa. Those responsible for representing Brazil were Felipe Schaedler and Alex Atala. Turkey was explained by Maksut AskarKemal DemirasalMehmet Gürs AnatoliaDeniz Sahin and Cuneyt Bey. And finally, South Africa was represented by Margot Jane and Luke Dale-Roberts.

There was also time for wine, tributes and speeches by renowned chefs like Ángel LeónJoan RocaRamon FreixaCarme RuscalledaSergio y Javier Torres and Paco Pérez, amongst many others, who together made San Sebastian Gastronomika 2016 excellent.

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