Gastón Acurio is known for basically being Peru’s ambassador to the world. The prominent position currently held by Peru is partly thanks to him. The Peruvian chef trained in France visualises and tells us about the intentions he has to be true to himself and gastronomy.
Gastón Acurio

Acurio recently gave a humanist-themed conference in Barcelona entitled “The revolution of Peruvian cuisine”. In this conference the chef explained that, conscious of the privilege and responsibility inherent in being an internationally-recognised chef, he doesn’t want to lose sight of what’s really important to him. He said that, although it may seem like the chef is the star, they’re really only a privileged part of the value chain as a whole. This is precisely what Gastón wants to remind everyone of, the value of each element, from the potatoes to the suppliers. He also explained to the audience his concerns in relation to illegal fishing, as well as the way harvesters are treated.

Gastón Acurio has three clear important points that he wants to take into account in his restaurants. Firstly, he wants suppliers to want to serve the restaurant; then he wants Astrid&Gaston to serve as an example for those who want to learn and who therefore want to be in the kitchen and finally, he wants diners to be interested in the gastronomy on offer and come back. At the end of the day, it’s all about the food. The chef insists that he has to give back what Peru gave him. Although the chef trained in France and loves the gastronomy of this country, he knows that his culture has a lot to offer. For this reason, in the next restaurant he’s due to open in Paris -which is to be called Manko– he will offer an eminently Peruvian menu accompanied by the French experience in terms of the decoration, entertainment and of course, the odd nod to French gastronomy. Gastón Acurio himself stated in an interview that the restaurant will be “a fun space which will bring the rejoicing, fun and sensuality of Peru to Paris”, thus demonstrating his conviction and intention of embracing Peruvian gastronomic culture wherever he goes.

Photo source: Facebook Astrid&Gastón

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