Dieuveil Malonga Chef

The name of this young chef is starting to be heard about town and it’s no coincidence as Dieuveil Malonga is bringing a whole new series of flavours, aromas and African savoir-faire to European cuisine.

Dieuveil Malonga is a German chef who arrived from Africa to form part of a new family when he was 13 years old, which, as he himself says, was lucky because both the people and the place welcomed him with open arms. However, Malonga has not only kept his African family’s surname but is also bringing the Germanic community a gastronomic culture that was previously out of its reach.

His passion for cooking came after he was adopted. Little Malonga wanted to thank his adoptive family for what they were doing for him and so he started cooked for them. It is said that cooking for someone is a way of showing them you love them and this is how it was for Malonga, for him it was a way of expressing himself.

Dieuveil began his cooking studies interested in what cuisine could do for him and, of course, being black in Germany he caught the media’s attention, which got him known not only in Germany but in other countries of Europe.

Dieuveil’s cuisine is African fusion and the combination of flavours and his constant trips to Africa to import flavours (known and unknown) make his dishes a real delicacy.

His awareness of his good fortune and love of his country of origin have led him to create a platform to promote chefs from the African continent called “Chefs in Africa“, through which he gives a voice and wings to a gastronomy that will doubtless bring much to all the cuisines of the world.

Image’s source: Dieuveil Malonga Website


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